Where do you find the best out-of-print patterns?

Out-of-print knitting FOut-of-print knitting, crochet and sewing patterns are not easy to find. They’re rare, vintage and only few shops have them. Believe me, however, when I say that there are shops out there who specialize in selling the best out-of-print patterns. Before that let me explain to you what these type of print patterns are. When pattern companies decide to discontinue printing a pattern and just let the stocks run out, this pattern is what you call out-of-print patterns. They are sometimes associated with vintage patterns or retro patterns which brings to our mind really old designs. Some people take up this hobby of collecting rare patterns so they scour the market, on or off the web, to search for these precious patterns for their collection. So, where do you find the best out-of-print patterns?

There are companies that specialize in providing these patterns. Search for these companies. Start online since almost everything is found in the digital marketplace. One such company is Simple Creative Group that provides custom printing service for out-of-print patterns. Another is Your Pattern Shop which sells vintage and retro patterns on top of their modern sewing and crafting patterns. Visit them at simplicity.com or patterns.com to check or view their products and services. Usually, these shops only offer custom printing service or special orders. Expect, however, that the service will be pricier than usual. Always have on hand a picture of the design you want in case you have to select from a gallery online.

The task would be more difficult if you don’t want a reprint but an original of the vintage pattern. One thing you can do is to crowd source. You can do this easily by posting or tweeting about what you need in your social media accounts. Maybe your friend, the friend of your friend, or a relative or colleague of your friend might have the one you want. If you are lucky, you will get your choice pattern in no time. If you are lucky, you will get your choice pattern in no time.

Another suggestion is to post your requirement online. The internet is one big marketplace and if you want to reach beyond the zone of people you know, then you can post an advertisement. Make sure to post the picture of the out-of-print pattern if you have it. People can better relate if they have a visual. If you have done all these to no avail, then the last option is to search on foot. That means you have to make an actual visit of the shops within your vicinity. If you can afford to, then visit other areas. It is best to do prior research before you go hunting for that elusive pattern.

It’s true that finding the best out-of-print patterns is difficult, however, it can be done. You just need patience, resourcefulness, a little bit of ingenuity and, of course, good public relations. You would need to have these traits to get some very good leads.